Happy students make a happy Institution

Hi there! Today we want to share our experience on our services, how we treat our customer “the trainees” at neosphere.

A trainee could be a school going student or a professional working in a multinational corporate company. This is fundamental right of a trainee; when they are coming to us for their skill development, they need to be offered good Service, right counselling, a suitable environment where they can not only excel their skill but also overall (Personality and Professional) development is necessary.

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If Chatbots Are The Future, The Future Is Already Here.

Chatbots are increasingly becoming common in the digital sphere for Nepali brands looking to automate their online customer relationship systems and upgrade their professional image. Entertaining customer requests, answering queries, and helping initiate a buying process are just a few of the functions that chatbots help with, providing solutions 24/7 with an immediate response.

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