If Chatbots Are The Future, The Future Is Already Here.

Chatbots are increasingly becoming common in the digital sphere for Nepali brands looking to automate their online customer relationship systems and upgrade their professional image. Entertaining customer requests, answering queries, and helping initiate a buying process are just a few of the functions that chatbots help with, providing solutions 24/7 with an immediate response. According to predictions by experts, 2018 will see a surge in businesses setting up chatbots to provide service in a convenient and efficient manner that saves on using human resources. Supplying a chatbot with AI components can further make the bot appear more human. 

Messenger bots are getting creative with the kind of services they are providing; everything, from a 15-minute guided meditation break to setting personal reminders to finding out which team won last night’s match, can be done using Messenger bots. The best part of turning to bots is they help the user conserve precious storage space that could quickly eaten up by all the specific apps one might download to help carry out the very same actions.

Viber, an already popular mobile messaging platform, is another medium for a brand to launch their bot, provided that the brand has a Viber Public Account. If you aren’t using the app yet, maybe this is the year to jump onto the Viber train! But we know what you’re thinking: is their mobile messaging competitor Whatsapp going to step up their game with its own bot-friendly feature? Well, only time will tell.

 In short, for a business to enter what is now called “conversational commerce”, chatbots are the perfect enabler. Every medium to big business needs a bot to save them from lousy customer care. However, the biggest challenge remains – how do bots work with Nepali communication received in Roman script? There are may be solutions coming to mind already, such as the customer being asked to choose a language before starting any conversation. But the challenges of execution will only emerge once the developer is at the table, and hiring the right bunch of capable experts to provide solutions has become all the more important in building a successful product or service.

The chatbot you use may not be perfect, and there is always room for misunderstandings and error, but getting onto the trend has become quite important for today’s brands to prosper.

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