Happy students make a happy Institution

Hi there! Today we want to share our experience on our services, how we treat our customers “the trainees” at neosphere.Customer is The King

A trainee could be a school going student or a professional working in a multinational corporate company. This is a fundamental right of a trainee; when they are coming to us for their skill development, they need to be offered good Service, right counselling, a suitable environment where they can not only excel their skill but also overall (Personality and Professional) development is necessary. While our market research in Nepal, we found that technical skill and the training methodologies what is imparted to the trainees in the “Skill Development” sector is not meeting up-to a standard. For a skill development center, especially in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), it is highly required to look into the overall growth of a learner.

ICT has been a young sector since ever, looking back in the past and comparing it to the present lot of people have contributed a lot.

At neosphere, we deliver our services in several steps:

Step 1: Pre- training counsellingCounseling

 Step 2: Enrolment

 Step 3: Training

 Step 4: Post- training 
 counselling & Personality 

 Step 5: Placement  

When learner comes for skill development programme, we treat the “learner” as our responsibility.

Step 1: Pre-skill counselling is very important for learner and for us as well. The pre-skill counselling assesses the candidate existing skill set, personal and professional sustainability in the industry and the financials (self-paying or sponsored). We provide counselling with instructor who guides the learner how can they build-up themselves with the technology they are enrolling in.

Step 2: Enrolment is the process which involve the student’s documentation and the financials against the course he/she is selecting. Learner’s RFID Identity card, welcome kit, student policies and other documentation processes are also included .

We offer three different payment options:

  1. Upfront payment: Payable once
  2. Instalment : Payable in multiple breakdown
  3. Bank Financing : Our partnered financial Institutions are involved in this, learners can get loan and pay

Step 3: Training is the area what we call is “The heart” of neosphere. We train our trainees’ inside the 4-wall classroom where the learner has his own high end PC connected to a centralized server.

Concept is similar to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) but here we provide the device and the software required in the centre. Student are free to do the research on web while training hours. They can ask questions with the Instructors with the central collaborating platform which is helping the student to ask their queries even when they are not inside the classroom,

Regular feedback from the trainees and performing real time projects help the learners to learn the technologies fastly.

Training include the regular assessment, minor projectsfinal assessment, certification assessment and a major project.

After covering a wide range of the process system and the well maintained professional training centre, neosphere is the first centre in Nepal having iMacs installed inside the centre with all 4K display.


Step 4: Post Counseling and Personality Development help us to access student’s skill set post training. Post counseling is a type of “Quality Assurance” we make sure that after the completion of the course student’s learning objectives were clear. After this we do a session on the Personality Development which helps the student’s to understand the industry, the recruitment processes, successful mantras which will help them to grow up in the jobs.

Step 5: Placement is the important thing which keep the students active throughout the training period. Our placement partner “merojob” helps the student to get into the industry based on their skillset measurement. We provide Internship training which help student to get into the industry as an intern. We are partnered with WorldLink, Subisu, Marching Ants, Spark Tech, IT Nepal, Tootle and other reputed companies in Nepal where our proud student can do their internship.

We offer wide range of courses in different circuits:

  1. Programming and Software development
  2. Graphics designing and Animation
  3. Hardware and Network Technologies
  4. Domain Applications


Thank You