Top 3 Programming Languages in Nepal to watch out in 2019

As days are passing by we all are heading for New Year 2019 which looks encouraging and exciting as well. We all have seen how Tootle has been providing freedom of mobility just by using an app, how Foodmario is providing a platform where people can express their talent for cooking and earning economic and social values.

The whole innovation wave is taking Nepalese businesses by storm. While all these promising tech trends are catching all the eyeballs, we must not forget the programming languages & algorithms which are the main driver behind this phenomenon.

Let’s Get to the Main Point.

You wouldn't want to read a long, drawn-out introduction for sure. Let's jump to the conclusion: The three programming languages in Nepal that you need to watch out in 2019 are Python Programming, Java Programming, and C Programming.

1. Python Programming:

python programming in nepal 2019

Well, Python Programming is not new in this world of programming languages. It was designed by Guido van Rossum and first released in 1991, even though it is an old contender within the programming languages, it has always been in the race from a long time.

With businesses making its way and considering the way automation is becoming such a huge priority for business owners seeking to scale and grow, at the same time learning python programming language is becoming extremely important for all developers too.

Python is an ideal preference for both beginners and experienced developers, not only because of its simplicity to learn but also because of its ever-growing demand. Python has always been praised for its simple syntax and ease of use and no wonder why it is so popular.

2. Java Programming:

java programming in nepal 2019

This is another tough contender which is quickly catching up to challenge Python's supremacy, and the vital reason why it is increasingly becoming a popular choice among developer community is that of its ease and capability to support full stack web & mobile app development.

All thanks to the popularity of NodeJs & MEAN technology stack which is swiftly being adopted by big tech companies like Netflix, PayPal, Uber, and eBay who are building their product using javascript.

With Java Programming, you can make Web Apps, Server Backends, Desktop Apps, and Mobile Apps. There’s barely any language which gives you such an ability to do various things with one language.

3. C Programming

c programming in nepal 2019

There are many benefits from learning C Programming language; however, the most significant advantage is that the C programming is perceived worldwide and applied in a multitude of applications, including the latest scientific and operating systems.

C Programming is fairly easy because it uses basic commands in English. However C Programming is a compiled language so after you write your commands, in order to execute your program, you need to run it through a compiler to convert the human-readable language into the machine-readable language.

In today’s world, a programmer needs to be able to communicate with associates in different countries. Therefore it’s necessary that even if they don’t speak the same spoken language, at least the computer language should be understandable to all.

The selection of programming language completely depends upon the purpose of use and also mostly due to the ease of learning and adopting. So go ahead and make your choices based on your oneself and market demands. It is good to have a profound analysis from your side but at the end of the day, it is you who needs to be sure and comfortable. Your choices will decide your present and future so, make it carefully based on your need, analysis and the kind of growth you are looking for.