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Jan 26, 2022 neosphere


We all watch videos. May it be in Television, Cinema halls, Social media platforms etc., we just love to see stories. Our Nepali generations are the same too. As Nepal has been booming day by day in terms of Information Technology, the need of well trained and experienced motion graphics designers is in demand.

Along with the Graphics industry, a lot of advertising agencies inside Nepal has already started to adopt motion graphics in their plate. It’s not only the need of the agencies to grow but the need of the clients too regarding multiple projects [still and video]. And thanks to the Digital Marketing Hive that has raised the awareness and neediness of Motion graphics inside the Nepalese market.


Yes, there are lots of benefits of motion graphics to clients, artists, students, agencies etc. No wonder it has been a sustainable industry globally. Some current benefits for all maybe as follows:

  1. Clients don’t need to invest more like in TV ads as motion designers can create short motion graphics video that suit their business need in a short period of time, as lots of targeted audience has already moved to social media platforms for entertainment.
  2.  Audience are expected to stay longer with visual engagements in whatever social media platforms they choose. They are cheaper to advertise for Clients, of their brands and products.
  3. Artists can get a better pay and promotion as compared to their still design skills.
  4. Artists can get extra freelancing projects from the same old clients.
  5. Agencies are expected to raise their yearly business flow.
  6. Agencies need not increase manpower if they train and convert their in-house designers to motion designers.

As the market keeps expanding, the need for motion graphics and motion graphics designers will grow along with it. The best case scenarios through motion graphics would be wider reach to audience, more creative works in the market, more competition, reasonable price for clients, better pay for artist and a better career platform for new students and interns.


So, are you a newbie, or thinking about a career in motion graphics inside Nepal? Or are you a graphic designer and unsure about the industry itself or doubt that career boost via motion graphics. If so, then there is GOOD NEWS. After networking with few friends here and there inside the valley in the Nepalese industry, I found out that the pay rate of a motion graphics designer is actually good inside Kathmandu. In an average, a beginner motion graphics designer is usually paid 20k [minimum] which is a good amount as compared to a newbie graphic designer. I can’t give you a maximum pay rate because it depends upon the artist, how much he/she can make. The worst case scenario would be that the motion designer is doing both works i.e. design and video for the same pay.

But freelancing is another medium where you can earn some extra bucks. If you Google, then there are tons of websites for freelance works regarding design, motion graphics and 3d. Payment system is a kick in the butt somehow. Freelancer.com, upwork.com, fiverr.com etc. are very common to a person in this industry.


Anyone can become a motion graphics artist! But there are a few pre-requisites before you even start to learn the software’s. If you have your time to learn, a small amount to invest in fees and resources like laptop and desktop [course fees are cheaper inside the valley], internet around you, then you can start your journey as a motion graphics artist.

Since, motion graphics is a medium of storytelling and again a process from graphics to motion, you need to have a solid foundation on graphics design. So you need to learn graphics first.

OK, now I think I have cleared most of your doubts. And you might have already started dreaming yourself as a good and successful motion graphic artist. But let me tell you an interesting global fact that is common around motion designers. i.e.


In the long run, you will eventually realize that motion graphics is just a phase. And after you master this genre, you would rather go for 3d animation and more. Most of the good designers and artist around the globe are currently on the run of improving themselves. That means they would not go for full time jobs but do part time jobs, freelancing etc and keep their learning alive.


If you have already completed your motion graphics course and have a show reel, then you can directly go for advertising agencies inside Kathmandu. A lot of them are looking for candidates like you.

Or you are trying to start your own agency? There are a lot of startup small businesses that you can aim for. Why go far? Just look around your own places.

Or just start freelancing from your home.


If you have not completed your graphics and motion graphics course but have that interest and drive, then you can visit neosphere, located at Newbaneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal. You can visit our website and know more regarding the course and modules that we teach. Simply visit neosphere.com.np

WHY neosphere?

  1. Practical Training: We follow a practice-based teaching methodology with state-of-the-art-infrastructure.
  2. Relevant Courses: Our courses are timely, up to date and in line with the technology of today. They have been carefully planned to meet the current job requirements in the market.
  3. Career focused: Our courses are designed towards employability and career growth.
  4. Certified: Courses have been designed to enable students to earn industry level certifications and not just another degree.


If you somehow want to explore the market by yourself and compare it, then I would like to give you few genuine tips that might be helpful in the hunt:

Things to keep in mind before registering for any course are:

1. Explore enough background of the institution.

2. Know about the fees and compare with other institutions.

3. Know what actually you are getting with the amount you pay for [course content].

4. If possible, know about your trainer and his/her background apart from the institution.

5. Know if your institution will help you land a job after the completion of the course.

Dipendra Dhakal (Center Head), neosphere

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