Motion Graphics & Visual Effects

Motion Graphics & Visual Effects

Motion Graphics & Visual Effects is a 3 months’ extensive course of 2D and 3D software and tools for connecting your story to develop your project. Taking a Graphic Design course is a great stepping stone for those who want to move towards the Motion Graphics & Visual Effects.

120 hours

About Course

This course is an introduction to Motion Graphics & VFX, which includes the categories of commercial, broadcast, main title and music video. The course will include lectures, showcases and demonstrations of the techniques and applications of motion graphics & VFX for various media. Projects will cover motion graphics principles, design and composition, timing and drama, storyboarding and planning, sound and music development and synchronization. Appropriate and current industry standard computer applications will be introduced and applied.

What you’ll learn

  • Video Editing with Adobe Premiere
  • Motion Graphics & intro to Vfx with After Effects
  • 3d Animation with Cinema 4d
  • Compositing 2D & 3D with Nuke
  • Tracking with Mocha Pro
  • Storytelling and Portfolio

Use of Tools & Software

  • Premiere Pro , Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, NUKE, Mocha Pro, etc.

Career Prospect

> Acquaint with the immediate and powerful impact of motion design & VFX.
> Reinforce basic to advanced graphic design principles in motion graphics & VFX.
> Acquaint with industry standard software, hardware and accompanying techniques.
> Provide current perspectives in the area of motion graphics & VFX.
> Introduce students to terminology and concepts in motion graphics & VFX.
> Introduce the categories of commercial, broadcast, main title and music video.


Graduates from the course will be receiving:

  • Certificate of accomplishment from neosphere


Basic understanding of Sketch, Photography, Graphics.
Foundation of Principles of Design, Universal principles
of Design, Creative thinkning, Visual Communication.
OR Print & Design

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