Course Duration : 7 days

Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program that can be used to enter data in tabular form and to perform a large variety of computations on that data. It is the most widely used tool for performing basic mathematical operations such as summing columns and rows of figures,  finding the average, maximum, or minimum values in a specified range of data, graphing or charting data to assist users in identifying data trends, sorting and filtering data to find specific information. In addition, it can even act as a simple database program to store, search, and retrieve data.  Users can learn and apply basic features of Microsoft Excel for their task on their own, however, when it comes to the use of the more advanced features of Microsoft Excel, a reference material or manual is a must to have; this is where the importance of consulting this training material is strongly emphasized- it is prepared in a bid to make learners familiar with the various facets of Microsoft Excel application software.  
A basic Understanding of excel functions & basic keyboard skills
A basic skills for file management  & folder navigations
Prior Experience of using office applications
Excel 2016 or above installed
Open Mind!


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