Why selecting a Software Development as career is a great decision ever?

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It has always been a question after completion of the exams we ever think; what to do, where to go, whom to ask? These are the common questions which comes in our mind when we look for the career development. If you’re looking for the career guidance or counselling to develop your career; drop us an email or visit neosphere, where we provide career counselling to the student in their career selection.
Today, we will learn if you’re looking for the career development in SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT then what to do, when to act and how to begin.We have prepared a tool, which would calculate your area of interest and you can plan your career path.
and looking to develop your career in SOFTWARE ENGINEERING
If you’re a 10+2 pass out or appearing student, and you’re looking to develop your career in Software Development sector then you can move to the next question which would help you to figure out your area of interest. 
If you’re not 10+2 student and you’re interested to develop your career in software engineering, you can move to the next question; which would help you to figure out your area of interest.
Let’s learn a bit about SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT;
Software Development is a process by which a software is developed by using one of the programming languages to achieve a unique business or personal objective, goal or process. The programming language includes specific syntax, code and other information which instructs the computer system to process the request asked by the user.
To develop a software; it passes through several stages which helps to understand the requirement(s) of the problem and then the work begins. It requires several tools for the requirement gathering, which includes initial research, data flow design, process flow design, flow charts, technical documentation, software testing, debugging and other software architecture techniques.
"The growth in software development industry is growing on regular basis. Increase in business requirement(s) and the automation has given birth to opportunities to the individual to grow their career in Software Development."
You’ve interest and you want to grow your career, what to do and how to begin; Another important question you need to figure out is
This is the important part of the analysis when you want to start your career in 
software development. Instead of direct decision, figure out your way of thinking, are 
you a creative thinker or logical thinker.
As a software developer, you’ve to think logically to find a solution of a problem, and 
then converting your logic to the program
It would add a value to you; if you know any programming language. Find about 
yourself, if you know any programming skillset.
Programming language is combining a set of instruction which instructs the processing unit 
to perform action and return the output.
Many programming languages are available in the market, different languages have their own syntax and methods to process your request. It’s always good to select a fundamental programming language where you can enhance your logic to perform algorithmic tasks.
A full stack developer is a person who can develop on Front end (like using JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, or Vue), Back End (like using Java, PHP, ASP, Python, or Node),Database (like using SQL, 
SQLite, or MongoDB)
Full stack developers are in demand these days as one developer holds experience of multiple technologies, it is always good to learn from scratch to become full stack developer. Is this the only profile available in industry? There are enough working profiles available in the industry, select the area you want to work on
“You may select the area in which you want to develop your career, although the senior profiles and hike in profile comes with experience”
You learnt about the technology as well as about you. Let’s evaluate the sheet.
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