Integrating Business Intelligence (BI) tools in business with Microsoft PowerBI

Author: Neosphere


Hey business leaders, how do you track and analyse your business data to develop your future strategies. It’s not only about sales; it’s about your whole business.
Data could be in any form; Spreadsheets, Databases, Facebook, Google or any kind of marketing, sales or any business data. We all like to analyse the information based on our experience in our different business areas; In our regular life we use Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, SQL Server or other database platform to manage your data.
If we discuss about Digital Marketing where you get data from different sources like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Bing, Email Marketing or any other sources;
A Major challenging moment is; when we have multiple business units at different locations. Let’s say your company is selling bike in 30 different locations in Nepal and in different regions/city you’ve multiple business units, and you want to visualize the data graphically on the Nepal Map or you want to analyse the information about the age group of the customer who purchased bike from your business unit in past month and accordingly you’ll be creating a upcoming plans… too difficult if you’re using any spreadsheet program. 
How do you compile all these data to get desired information?
It’s really very difficult to analyse and visualize the information what we are looking for.
What to do:
Microsoft has developed a tool called PowerBI.
Which is a business intelligence tool. It’s one of the most powerful tools in business intelligence area, which gives to facility to import data from more than 100+ sources and analyse.
You can visualize the data in your own way and can do the proper analysis
Data Source
Based on the business application where you manage and manipulate your data, it could be at any place; just connect your application with PowerBI.
Dashboard on web
You’ll have your own company’s dashboard on the web with the PowerBI web.
Desktop version of PowerBI is free for use.
How to learn in Nepal
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