5 interesting facts about graphic designing that you probably didn’t know.

Author: Neosphere



Graphic designing is simply communicating through visual content. In the process of creating graphical content, a graphic designer uses different types of design elements such as typography, color, photography, illustrations, etc. After designing, the content becomes attractive and enhanced. Graphic design actually has a very important impact on every business aspect. It also plays an essential role in businesses and society. 


They say a single image speaks a thousand words and that is exactly how a graphic design should be. A design should be able to influence people and convey the message through images and texts. 


Below we have listed some facts about graphic designing that you probably didn’t know


Graphic design was first coined in 1922

The term ‘Graphic Design’ was first officially coined in 1922 by typographer William Addison Dwiggins. During the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, graphic design emerged as a profession due to increasing technologies and commercial purposes. Over the years, the need for graphic design grew and now is an ever-growing profession in society. 


Career in graphic designing is bright

Graphic designing is a profession that is needed in every business. It can be called a necessity. As more businesses are switching to the internet or at least having a presence on the internet, graphic designers play a very crucial role. From marketing to sales, graphics is what attracts customers. Now is the best time ever to dive into the graphic design profession. 


Bring marketing ideas to life

Visuals are never boring. Visuals and graphics attract customers and bring marketing ideas to life. Graphics are used everywhere in marketing, from food packages, billboarding hoardings to graphics on your computer, advertisers use graphic designers for their marketing. Designers help optimize marketing campaigns and are crucial in building a professional brand. 


Graphic designers do not need a degree

Believe it or not but to become a graphic designer, you do not need a professional four to five-year degree. Designing is all about learning and showing your creativity as a designer. A self-motivated and immensely interested person can easily learn graphic design, with of course a lot of practice. Designs become better with practice and can be learned with simple online courses. 


Graphic designers earn a lot more than you think

Graphic designers can make some serious money. However, the earning potential differs according to their skill, experience, and time required. A designer is responsible for designing logos, brochures, banners, posts, business cards, leaflets, flyers, etc. which a company usually pays a large sum for. 


If you are looking forward to building your career as a graphic designer then it might be a good decision. However, you must be interested and have patience while practicing. At Neosphere we offer graphic designing packages that will help you build your career. View our attractive courses, take the one best for you and start your design career.