Print and Design

Print and Design

Graphical designing with use of mix-media has been a popular career choice in a wide array of fields such as advertising , printing, publishing and art. Harness your creativity with this course by understanding the concepts of typography, colors, layouts and photography with techniques to use them in various software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, CorelDraw, Plugins etc...

150 hours

What you’ll learn

  • Concepts of Graphics and Illustrations
  • Typography Design
  • Digital Illustrations
  • Image Magic
  • Design for Print and Advertising
  • Page Design
  • Print Portfolio


Career Opportunities

After successful completion of this course, graduates have possibilities for career development in the field of Graphics Designing, Advertising designing. Advertising companies, publishing companies, web design companies, companies with in-house designing departments usually hire people with these skills.


Graduates from the course will be receiving:
* Certificate of accomplishment from neosphere
* Certificate from Arena
* HDMA (Higher Diploma in Multimedia and Animation) after completion of all requisite courses

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